TVRename beta 1 2.2.0

Track, rename, manage and organize your favorite TV shows


  • Easy to use
  • Renames files with several available templates
  • Helps you track new episodes
  • Includes extra information about TV shows


  • Interface design could be improved


When you follow a dozen different TV shows, you really need some organization in your hard drive so that you don't get dates, stories and characters all mixed up.

And TVRename is the perfect app for the job! With TVRename you can not only rename the episode file names – as you might guess from the name – but also check if there are any missing episodes in your collection, learn when the next episode is going to be aired and manage your TV show collection in a much more organized way.

TVRename has a tabbed interface, with each tab devoted to a specific purpose. It's clear and functional, though it could benefit from a graphic redesign.

Besides organizing and embellishing your collection, TVRename also helps you learn more about your favorite shows thanks to the program's connection to thetvdb.

com and imdb. com. The configuration settings in TVRename enable you to select a custom template for file renaming, export the program's information to several formats (CSV, XML and RSS feed) and even create a grid where you can crosscheck the appearance of certain actors in more than one show.

TVRename is the perfect tool for the TV show junkie. It keeps you informed about new episodes, helps you organize your collection and gives you extra information about your favorite shows and actors.



TVRename beta 1 2.2.0

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